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  • What Will Be the Price of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably one of the most anticipated phones of 2017. How could it be less, the leaks have not ceased around this authentic top of the range, which has a legacy very difficult to improve because of its predecessor. Either way, the filtered information augurs a spectacular terminal, and there is much less to see it officially.If there was any detail to filter on the much anticipated smartphone, it was the date of presentation of the expected Samsung Galaxy S8. The Korean manufacturer has us accustomed to unveil its most top terminals in the MWC every year. However, it seems that this year Samsung does not want to share anything of protagonism, so it will present it in an event of its own.

    What Will Be the Price of the Samsung Galaxy S8

    Will we see the Samsung Galaxy S8 on March 29th?

    Unfortunately and as we said a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not surprise us with its presence at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. For reasons of its own, Samsung would have decided to hold its own “Apple event” to present the expected top of the range.Without going further, this means that we will have to wait about a month longer than normal to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 officially. Specifically, the date chosen to unveil the Korean flagship would be March 29, date we have been able to know through The Android Soul.

    The filtration originates with the user of Twitter @ Ricciolo1, which through a tweet has stated that Samsung will organize an event that will be given simultaneously in several cities of the planet. It seems that the hype that is lifting the Samsung Galaxy S8 is justified, or at least so the Korean manufacturer thinks.See these reviews here to choose a phone for you now.


    Price of the Samsung Galaxy S8

    According to report, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be priced quite, fairly high. Its official presentation will be the 29 of March and will take place in an Unpacked conference. However, it will not be until April 21 when it will be launched in the Italian market. And what does Italy matter to us? Usually, the launch date in Italy and Spain has been the same or have been very close.We are facing the terminal of the Galaxy S range more expensive in the history of Samsung. If the rumors are confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 price of 5.7 inches would be around 829 euros. Meanwhile, the older brother, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would go to 929 euros.

    That yes, both models would have 64 GB of internal storage and with curved screen. It will depend on each one to decide if that justifies the increase of 100 euros with respect to the launch price of the S7 edge.

  • How Do You Get Foot Massage

    Today we are relaxing, we are on Friday and we want to prepare for the weekend, that is why, today we dedicate this article to techniques to give a foot massage. It is not necessary that you give it the massage, if you send this link to a friend and then he or she will give it to you.

    We love to have massages, although many of them are on the back and rarely in the feet. We must keep in mind that the feet are a fundamental part of our body. How many of you feet hurt at the end of the day? This is very normal, it is because of our weight that falls on our feet. In addition there are many jobs that require the 8 hours of standing.

    How Do You Get Foot Massage

    Next, we will learn how to give (or give us) a good foot massage.

    1. Before starting the massage, soak your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes.
    2. At 10 min, the feet should be dried with a towel and we should sit in a chair or a bed. The towel used to dry should be placed under the feet.
    3. First of all, you should put oil or cream on your hands and rub them – after this you can apply it to your feet -.
    4. Then you can begin to massage the feet. You should gently stroke the top of the foot. The direction has to be: from top to bottom, that is, from the fingers up and ankle. The pressure of the caresses has to go from more pressure to less.
    5. After having performed different strokes, you should make circular movements with your finger from the top or from the instep down, the pressure also has to be regulated.
    6. Then the foot should be held with the hand, while with the free you have to turn the foot in all directions. It is advisable to repeat this movement four times per direction.
    7. This step is very similar to the previous one. You must also grasp the foot and the fist and rub the foot, also regulating the pressure.
    8. Then the knee should be kneaded with the fingertips. It starts from the fattest to the smallest. The pressure that has to be used has to be smooth on each finger.
    9. When finished kneading, you must again caress each foot, applying a decreasing pressure.
      To finish, you must clean the foot with the previously used towel.
    10. This has been the whole explanation of how to make a perfect massage, however, you must remember that you only made one foot and now touches the second!
  • How to Massage a Dog? Techniques Revealed

    Choose a special blanket to relax and familiarize yourself with the dog. He is allowed to inspect the ceiling. Take a comfortable position and wait for the dog to join you all by itself. Otherwise, you can also lure your dog with a quiet tone. It is important that the dog notices that it is not a play request. And only practice if you really have time and the necessary rest.

    Have you ever heard that massage equipment can also be used for Dogs? No? Then check out these best massage chair reviews to massage your pet now.

    Relaxed neck

    That’s how it’s done

    Take off your dog collar. He may sit or lie. However, it is an advantage if you get from the back of your neck – the lateral position is rather unfavorable. Place the hands on the side of the dog’s neck. Then, from the upper neck to the scapula, begin to knead the large muscle groups gently from top to bottom and walk. Then the thumbs gently move with small circles on the muscles next to the spine. After this, you should remove this area two or three times.

    Please note

    Never massage directly on the spine! Adjust the intensity of your touch to the type of dog you are looking for, and look out from a massage for injuries, physical discomfort or impairments.

    This is how it works

    If dogs have never learned how to walk properly on the leash, the tension is often tense in the neck and neck due to the strong pull. Since the nerve cords, blood and lymphatic pathways run along in this area, this can adversely affect the health of the dog. With this relaxing massage, you can loosen the dog’s neck muscles so that everything can flow freely again.

    Moving ears

    Massage the dog’s ears alternately. Let the cane gently slide between your thumb and remaining fingers, gently massage it. For the entrance is recommended: Slide out from the auricle with the thumb to the outer edge. Stroke along the ear edge as well.

    Please note

    If your dog is sensitive to the ears, please bring it very slowly to this type of massage. And most importantly: do not force your dog to anything. The aim is to ensure a well-being in your dog.

    This is how it works

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, about 200 acupuncture points are distributed on the ear. Through the gentle massage, the ear and the whole body of the dog is stimulated, since the ear zones have a neural connection to the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, a massage on the ear very quickly soothing and relaxing.