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How to Massage a Dog? Techniques Revealed

Choose a special blanket to relax and familiarize yourself with the dog. He is allowed to inspect the ceiling. Take a comfortable position and wait for the dog to join you all by itself. Otherwise, you can also lure your dog with a quiet tone. It is important that the dog notices that it is not a play request. And only practice if you really have time and the necessary rest.

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Relaxed neck

That’s how it’s done

Take off your dog collar. He may sit or lie. However, it is an advantage if you get from the back of your neck – the lateral position is rather unfavorable. Place the hands on the side of the dog’s neck. Then, from the upper neck to the scapula, begin to knead the large muscle groups gently from top to bottom and walk. Then the thumbs gently move with small circles on the muscles next to the spine. After this, you should remove this area two or three times.

Please note

Never massage directly on the spine! Adjust the intensity of your touch to the type of dog you are looking for, and look out from a massage for injuries, physical discomfort or impairments.

This is how it works

If dogs have never learned how to walk properly on the leash, the tension is often tense in the neck and neck due to the strong pull. Since the nerve cords, blood and lymphatic pathways run along in this area, this can adversely affect the health of the dog. With this relaxing massage, you can loosen the dog’s neck muscles so that everything can flow freely again.

Moving ears

Massage the dog’s ears alternately. Let the cane gently slide between your thumb and remaining fingers, gently massage it. For the entrance is recommended: Slide out from the auricle with the thumb to the outer edge. Stroke along the ear edge as well.

Please note

If your dog is sensitive to the ears, please bring it very slowly to this type of massage. And most importantly: do not force your dog to anything. The aim is to ensure a well-being in your dog.

This is how it works

According to traditional Chinese medicine, about 200 acupuncture points are distributed on the ear. Through the gentle massage, the ear and the whole body of the dog is stimulated, since the ear zones have a neural connection to the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, a massage on the ear very quickly soothing and relaxing.